The world is full of noise yeah
I hear it all the time
You know I am your dagger
You know I am your wound
I thought I heard you whisper
It happens all the time


ACxDC - Antichrist Demoncore LP
As you might have noticed, I quite like ACxDC, posting some of their stuff and still have some more to come ;) This is their recently released LP in a felt sleeve version that was just available at the first show of the European Tour because the band weren’t able to get their actual covers in time for the first show so Sergio (as you may know loves printing his bands name on shit like sunglasses or pens or other cool merch haha) decided to print some of these covers and they look very fancy. I was talking to one of the bandmembers and he told me that there were around 50 of these covers. So it is quite awesome to have one of these! The record itself was released by Melotov Records…check them out and support: https://www.facebook.com/melotovrecordsAnd my favorite Track of the new LP: http://acxdc.bandcamp.com/track/savior-complexxx [Fuck your self rigtheous egotismYour aggrandized self importanceJust because you don’t partakeOf substances it does not make You the savior of everyoneThere is in fact nothing you have doneStop defining your self worthBased on lack of actual workI don’t care hw long its beenSince you’ve had an alcoholic drinkI cant stand you enough to associate Please break edge and walk away]

The Black of Night, Spring 2014 
relief print and monotype, charcoal, white Conté crayon
40 x 24 “

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diary/sketchbook entry from early may, 2014

year of silence